Lancer Group International’s STI Silicone Heat Transfer System is a state-of-the-art system for producing PVC-free and phthalate-free silicone rubber heat transfers. After application to the garment, transferred designs will have extremely high-stretch, high-opacity and bleed-resistance as well as the soft and smooth hand-feel associated with direct-prints made silicone rubber inks.

STI7960 White
STI7904 Transparent Mixing Base
STI7950 Opaque Mixing Base
STI7900 Clear Base
STI7911 Defender Black
STI7940 First Down Clear
STI7941 Underbase Clear
STI7150 Catalyst
STI7151 Gel Catalyst
STI7160 Catalyst
STI7161 Gel Catalyst
STI7902 Reducer
T-1 Superhold Powder
EVPC Evolution Pigment Concentrates
RFU All shades represented on the Lancer Group Colour Guide in the NX6550 Series will be available.

Mixing Catalyst–Prior to printing mix catalyst into ink using the following proportions:
STI7160 and STI7161—2-3% by weight mixed into STI7960 White and RFU colours. 3 ½ -5% by weight mixed into STI7911 Defender Black, , and STI7900 Clear Base.

CAUTION–Because higher amounts of catalyst will decrease pot life it is recommended that only the amount of ink that can be printed in a four to six hour period be mixed at any one time.

Printing Recommendations—For the most durable transfers a thick ink deposit is recommended. If using direct emulsion, coat your screen normally, then face coat the print side of the screen until the necessary stencil thickness is achieved. Capillary films in the 150-200 micron range may also be used to achieve a thick stencil thickness. Now even better stretch and crock resistance is achieved by printing STI7940 First Down Clear next to the film, printing the colours, backing the entire design with STI7941 Stretch Underbase and powdering while wet with C67 or H1 Superhold Powder. Shake and dust off any excess powder from the paper before transferring to the garment.

Printing and Applying High-Density Transfers—Print silicone high-density transfers by printing any STI HD transfer colour next to the PET film and cure afterwards. If doing multi-colour HD prints print each colour and cure between all HD colours. Lastly, back the entire design with STI7941 Stretch Underbase and while wet, powder with C67 or H1 Superhold Powder. Shake and dust off any excess powder from the paper before transferring to the garment. To transfer to garment either use a transfer press with bottom heat or lay the transfer on the platen and place the shirt on top of the transfer. Transfer for 20 seconds with light pressure and a temperature of 375° F (190° C).

Mixing Pigments and Bases–10-15% pigment load into appropriate base for application is recommended. CAUTION: Pigment loads higher than 15% can cause crocking and curing issues.

Mesh–White and Clear—83-125/inch (32T-48T cm).
Colours—83-/inch-125/inch (43T-48T cm).

Squeegee–70 durometer or 70/90/70 triple durometer squeegees are recommended

Stencils–Any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible with traditional plastisol textile inks that will produce a thick stencil that produces a thick ink deposit..

Modification–3%-4% STI7902 Reducer can be used when necessary.

Transfer Papers–For best results use Tullis Russell CP cold- peel transfer paper.

Adhesive Powder Application–While inks are still wet, powder entire design with H-1 Superhold Powder.  Shake off any excess powder prior to transferring to garment.

Curing–Inks will not remelt. Transfers must be fully cured at temperatures between 290°-330°F (145°-160°C) for 1 to 2 minutes.

Transfer Temperatures
Normal Fabrics
350°-375°F (175°-185°C) for 20 seconds or 325°F for 30 seconds.
Delicate Fabrics or 100% Polyester Fabrics
275°-280°F (140°C) for 30 to 60 seconds.

Ink Cleanup-Enviro Series TR Blend or Mineral Spirits.

Storage–All components should be stored at temperatures less than 30°C/84°F. Extended storage in warmer conditions can cause components to thicken and become difficult to print.

STI7960 White 1 Qt.
STI7900 Black 1 Qt.
STI7933 Bright Scarlet 1 quart
STI7935 HD Mixing Base
STI7940 First Down Stretch Clear 1 Qt.
STI7941 Stretch Underbase 1 Qt.
STI7150 Catalyst 1-8oz/250ml
C67 Superhold Powder 1 Qt.
H1 Superhold Powder 1 Qt.

Always test finished prints for color accuracy, curing, adhesion, opacity, crocking, stretch and desired look prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this ink will test PVC-free or phthalate-free if any pigment or additive other than an Evolution Pigment Concentrate or STI component that has been manufactured by Lancer Group International is used in this ink. Contamination can also occur from mixing tools, mixing buckets, spatulas, squeegees, or flood bars that have had prior contact with inks containing PVC’s or phthalates and these tools must be thoroughly cleaned before using with the STI Silicone Heat Transfer System.