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Today’s Brands and Retailers are demanding and requiring their clothing to be PVC Free. This includes labels, logo/brand identification, and all printed designs. This movement to PVC Free is growing daily.

Heat Transfers are ideal for tagless labels, brand identification, and printed designs. Printed designs include screen printed transfer, and litho/offset or digital (Laser) printed designs with a screen printed backing to adhere them to the fabric.

Up to now, most PVC Free transfers have been created using specialty water base inks. With ongoing research and technology advancements, two new systems have emerged.
Silicone and a special PVC Free type Plastisol have emerged.

Lancer has developed a special series of Silicone and PVC Free Plastisol especially for heat transfers. PVC Free Plastisol and Silicone offer many more options for the Transfer Printer and Brands to choose from.

Three Ink Systems to choose From. Pick the type!

– Can be used for screen printed designs –
– Litho/Offset/Digital Print Backing –
– Soft Hand –

– Requires mixing fixative –
– Can be difficult printing with fine mesh –
– Colours may shift during printing –
– Leftover ink to be discarded –

– High Stretch –
– Excellent Hand Feel –
– Great Appearance –

– Requires Catalyst –
– Limited Pot Life Once Catalyzed –
– For Screen Print Only –

– Soft Hand Feel –
– Can be used as screen print heat transfer as well as litho/digital backing –
– No mixing of catalysts –
– No pot life –
– No Screen blocking or choking –
– Easiest system of all –
– No Colour Shift –
– Never dries, ink can be reused –

– Not as strechable as Silicone –

Whatever is your choice, Lancer Group has the System