NX6841PF Printable Adhesive provides excellent results and greatly increases adhesion of the transferred design to fabrics when it printed last as a backer over the entire transfer design.  NX6841 can be direct printed as an underbase to improve adhesion to sports fabrics that are difficult to adhere standard NX colours directly on the fabric.  Print NX6841, gel and then print regular colours on top.

It is also ideal for backing puff transfers eliminating the need for dry powders and also provides excellent results when used as a foil adhesive. NX6841PF will give transferred designs a softer hand and good elongation when garment under design is stretched. For foil applications NX6841 works best when gelled and fully cured in heat press during foil applications.


Ideal Fabric— 100% Cotton  Poly/Cotton Blends and 100% Polyester Fabrics with Dye Blocker

Mesh–83-125/inch (32T-48Tcm)

Squegee–70 durometer or 70/90/70 Triple Durometer.

Stencil–Any stencil compatible with plastisol ink

Curing— Gel 220°240° F (99°-116° C). Full Cure–275°-320°F (135°-149°C) for 1 1/2 – 2 minutes

Additives— NX6390 Viscosity Reducer 1-3% by weight if necessary.

Storage— 60°-90° F (15°- 32° C)

Cleaning— Enviro Series 200 Green & Enviro Series TR-Blend

Always test finished prints for color accuracy, curing, adhesion, opacity, crocking, stretch and desired look prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this ink will test PVC-free or phthalate-free if any pigment or additive other than an Evolution Pigment Concentrate or Evolution NX System additive that has been manufactured by Lancer Group International is used in this ink. Contamination can also occur from mixing tools, mixing buckets, spatulas, squeegees, or flood bars that have had prior contact with inks containing PVC’s or phthalates and these tools must be thoroughly cleaned before using with the NX System.