Evolution NX6551 ColorPro Mixing System consists of 11 ready-for-use and five Booster Colours that can used to mix all standard Evolution colours, all Pantone© C colours or any custom ink colour for printing on white or light-colored garments. Booster Colours are intense colours that can be added in small amounts to particular colours such as 185C or 485C red to more accurately simulate the vibrance of colours. For 100% cotton dark garments, print mixed colours over NX6581 Optical White underbase. Even though colours made with NX6551 are opaque, they are not bleed resistant. If printed on dark 50/50 cotton/poly blends or 100% polyester fabrics all colours should be underbased with the appropriate Defender dye blocker to block dye migration and NX6581 Optical White to maintain colour accuracy. Evolution NX6551 inks are balanced inks and will completely cure on their own.

Software—ColorPro Software may be used to mix all standard Evolution NX standard colors, all Pantone© C Colors and any custom color. The PC-based software can be downloaded from a link provided on the home page at www.lancergroup.com.

Mesh—Mesh sizes between 110T and 305T (43T-120T metric) are recommended but should be determined after consideration of artwork and desired end result of decoration.

Gel Temperature— Inks will gel when surface temperature reaches 220°-240° F (220°-240° F (104°-116° C).

Curing— When printing on 100% cotton fabrics NX6551 inks fully cure when the entire ink film reaches 310°-320° F (155°-160° C) for 45 seconds to 1 minute inside the dryer. Colours made from NX6551 do not offer any bleed-resistance. On dark-coloured 50/50 cotton/poly blends or 100% polyester fabrics dye migration may be controlled by lowering dryer temperature to 275° Fahrenheit (135°-137° Celsius) for two minutes. However, if printed on dark-coloured 50/50 cotton/poly blends or 100% polyester fabrics known for dye migration colours should be underbased with the appropriate Evolution Defender dye blocker and NX6581 Optical White.

Reducer—Do not add Viscosity Reducer NX6390 (1-3% maximum) until viscosity is evaluated after thoroughly stirring the ink.

Ink Cleanup—Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.

Storage—Either of these inks should be stored at temperatures less than 30°C/84°F. Extended storage in warmer conditions can cause inks to thicken.

Colours—Yellow G/S, Yellow R/S, Red Y/S, Red B/S, Blue G/S, Blue R/S, Violet, Green, Black, White, Fluorescent Magenta, Booster Blue, Booster Green, Booster Red B/S, Booster Red Y/S, Booster Yellow.

Software Information: Please Click Here for software updates and downloads.


Always test finished prints for color accuracy, curing, adhesion, opacity, crocking, stretch and desired look prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this ink will test PVC-free or phthalate-free if any pigment or additive other than an Evolution Pigment Concentrate or Evolution NX System additive that has been manufactured by Lancer Group International is used in this ink. Contamination can also occur from mixing tools, mixing buckets, spatulas, squeegees, or flood bars that have had prior contact with inks containing PVC’s or phthalates and these tools must be thoroughly cleaned before using with the NX System.

Revised 4/12/16