Printing PVC-Free transfers that yield both bleed-resistance and a softer hand feel on 100% polyester dark, performance-wear fabrics has never been easier with the newly reformulated Evolution2 Series of inks called the “N” System. NOTE: Even though the example shown was printed with 80/32T mesh screens, mesh sizes between 80-160/33-62T may be utilized depending upon the application, colour of garment and desired effect of finished decoration.

Products Required:
Transfilm, T-75, T105 or Tullis CP coated papers for cold-peel transfers, three, 80-305/32-120T mesh screens coated with direct emulsion, 70 durometer single durometer or 70/90/70 triple durometer squeegees, Evolution2 N System Colors, , 6841 Evolution2 Printable Adhesive and C-57 Adhesive Powder.

Print Technique:
1. Print all colours in the proper sequence for your design and cure completely after each colour at 340º Fahrenheit./170º Celsius. Depending upon the type of dryer, temperature setting and the length of the curing chamber it could possibly take 1 ½–2 minutes to completely cure the entire ink film. Evolution2 is different than conventional plastisol inks in that they must be cured completely and not just gelled between colours.
2. Print N6710 Defender Grey over entire design if garment is a poly/cotton blend or 100% polyester. If garment is 100% cotton, skip this step and proceed to step 3.
3. Print 6841 Evolution2 Printable Adhesive over entire design and while Printable Adhesive is still wet sprinkle entire design wth C-57 Adhesive Powder and lightly shake to remove access. If any access of C-57 is not removed before transferring to garment it will leave some residue resulting in a misprint.
4. Cure ink completely at 340º Fahrenheit/170º Celsius.
5. Transfer to garment at 305º-310º Fahrenheit/152º-155º Celsius for 15-18 seconds and peel after transfer and garment have both cooled.

Caution: Always test finished prints for curing, adhesion, inter coat adhesion, opacity, bleed-resistance and desired look prior to beginning full production run.