THE FUTURE OF INK: Retailers in Europe and the United States have stopped selling garments that have “next to skin” imprints containing PVC and phthalates. Some large sportswear companies have gone further by banning PVC and phthalates from imprints on all of their clothing brands. Until now this has left water based ink as the only choice for screen printers who decorate garments for the fashion industry. Lancer Group is proud to present a better option for screen printers and the future of textile ink; Evolution Series 2.

Features and Benefits of Evolution2:

  • Will not dry in or “choke” screens thus reducing down time.
  • 100% solids content compared to 50% solids in water based ink.
  • Ability to achieve special effects (High density, jelly prints, puff, etc.)
  • Safe for children’s wear.
  • Meets next to skin regulations.
  • No airborne V.O.C’s (volatile organic compounds.) Unlike many water based & solvent based inks.
  • Zero waste from evaporation or water mold.
  • Can be printed through 110-305t/in. (43-122t/cm.) to hold fine detail in decorations.
  • Unlimited shelf life to reduce wasted inventory.
  • Similar hand feel (handle) to dye discharge.
  • No sulphur emissions.
  • No stencil breakdown.
  • Ability to achieve greater opacity than plastisol with higher mesh counts.
  • Contains no restricted chemicals or materials. (e.g.: heavy metals, solvents, phthalates, Azo dyes, etc.)
  • No shipping restrictions.

Colors for Evolution® Series 2 PVC Free Ink

Important Information

Users must satisfy themselves that Evolution® is compatible with fabric that is being screen printed. Measures should be taken to ensure wash fastness before commencing with production runs. Evolution® Inks have been formulated using non-Phthalate plasticizers and non-PVC resins. However the possibility of low level contamination in the manufacturing process exists. Users must make their own determination of suitability for their intended use.

Technical Information

Storage: Evolution Series 2 inks should not be stored at room temperatures more than 30°C (86°F.)

Curing: Evolution Series 2 will cure at temperatures as low as 300° to 320°F (150° to 160°C). Note: When the entire thickness of the ink film reaches the temperatures mentioned, it will be cured.

Reducing: 6501 or 6502 Reducers may be used if necessary. 6501 Curable Reducer may be used in virtually any quantity. 6502 Viscosity Reducer should only be used in limited quantities (e.g: 3-6%.) Do not use plastisol reducers or solvents! Note: Inks should always be stirred first before printing. Inks are thixotropic and will reduce with stirring.

Screen Mesh: Mesh counts from 110-305/inch (43 – 122/cm). Note: For Simulated or Index printing, we recommend using a 230/in.(92/cm) mesh for an underbase screen.

Stencils: Most photo emulsions and direct/indirect stencils systems are suitable. Note: Ensure the emulsions that are being used are phthalate free to reduce the risk of contaminating Evolution ink. We recommend the ImageMate emulsions which are phthalate free.

Clean/Wash Up: Evo-Wash may be used to remove ink from screens. Prior to reclaiming, 2000 Green can be used. Brush into ink and wash away with water.

Caution: Great care must be taken to ensure that all items such as screens, squeegees, spatulas, etc. are free of any plastisol residue to avoid contamination. It is highly recommended that a new set of tools be used for Evolution 2 before commencing tests or production.