Evolution Series 2 PVC-free Litho Transfer System consists of four ink colours (Excalibur 996PF) that can be printed on lithographic presses allowing printers the ability to produce high-speed and finely detailed designs. After the litho inks have been printed they must be backed by screen printing NX6555 Litho Back-up White and H-1 Superhold Powder before transferring to the garment. Because of the low-fusion temperature used when applying to the garment excellent results can now be achieved on most 100% polyester fabrics.


  • Litho inks print easily on sheet fed presses and dampening systems offering high-production and fine detailed transfers.
  • Low-transfer temperature when applying to garment allows for application to dark, 100% polyester fabrics.
  • Prints easily on Transfilm 100 (recommended) , or T-105, and T-75 transfer papers.
  • Completely PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free formulation that complies with all standards of global government agencies for “next to skin” decorations. 


Printing Procedures for 996PF Litho Inks

Standard lithographic printing procedures with conventional sheet-fed presses or dampening systems should be utilized.  The designer has the latitude of choosing single colour, two colour, three colour or four-colour process for the design.  In the case of four colour process printing best results are achieved by printing black first, red or blue either second or third and yellow last. Inks allowed to set overnight may show signs of picking and poor trapping when subsequent litho ink colours are printed on top.

Transfer Paper—Best results are achieved by using Transfilm 100.  T-75 and T-105 release paper or an equivalent will also work.

Printing Procedures for NX6555 PVC-free Litho Back-up White

After the 996PF Litho Transfer Inks have been printed on the release paper the back-up white  must be printed within 72 hours.

Mesh: 80-125/inch (32-48 metric) is recommended for best results.

Modification:  If necessary NX6502 Curable Reducer may be added in increments of 2-4% by weight..

Squeegee: 70 durometer or 90/70/90 triple durometer blades are recommended.

Gel Temperature: After H-1 Adhesive Powder has been sprinkled and completely covers entire design, cure transfer completely.  Evolution Series 2 inks do not remelt like traditional plastisols and must be completely cured prior to application to the garment.

Transferring to Garments—Transfer using standard heat press at 280°-320° F (140°-160° C) for 6-12 seconds at medium pressure. Higher temperatures may allow for increased production but may trigger dye migration on dark fabrics with polyester content.  For 50/50 poly/cotton blends or 100% polyester lower transfer temperature to 280° F (140° C) for 12 seconds.

Clean-up: Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.

Colours: Process Yellow, Process Blue, Process Red, Process Black, NX6555 Litho Back-up White,


Always test finished prints for gel, curing, bleed resistance, adhesion and desired look prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this mixed ink will test phthalate-free if any additive other than an additive manufactured by Lancer Group International is used to modify this ink. Test results by a third-party laboratory verifying all components used to produce this ink are phthalate-free and lead-free are available upon request.