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As many printers are finding out, it has been increasingly difficult to obtain Textile screen printing inks.

Due to disruptions in the supply chain many Ink Manufactures can’t obtain the raw materials necessary to produce quality inks.

It is currently unclear as to when this situation might improve. As I don’t have a magic Crystal Ball, I could foresee this situation lasting for another 6 to 12 months.

Prices for raw materials as well as feed stocks to make the raw materials are increasing almost daily it seems. As well freight costs to obtain materials have gone crazy.

This supply chain problem could push the prices of inks upward before it levels off. It is my hope that prices of inks may even drop a bit when things get back to normal.

At Lancer Group, we can proudly state that we do not have any raw material shortages,  at the cost of higher inbound logistics costs, it is business as usual. We can produce and ship our quality Excalibur Plastisols, Evolution PVC Free Plastisols and Silicon inks.

Due to unprecedented volume, orders make take slightly longer to ship, and we ask for everyone’s patience and understanding.

If you are among those printers/dealers who are getting tired of not receiving orders and are looking for a source of High Quality Inks, please contact us. We can ship the product!

Jim Challis

CEO Lancer Group International