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PCW Water-Base Pigment Concentrates

Excalibur PCW Water-Base Pigments are highly-concentrated pigments to be used in Excalibur bases such as Aquatex, Plastex, Duratex and all Excalibur Dye Discharge bases. PCW Pigments may also be used in competitive brand water-based mixing bases but it is strongly recommended that thorough testing be performed for compatibility of cross-branded products. PCW Pigments are free of all restricted ingredients such as AZO, heavy metals, and formaldehyde and will meet or exceed all international standards for restricted ingredients. Color shades of PCW pigments closely simulate Excalibur PCPro and Evolution2 pigment shades. Consult main Excalibur color card to reference the Excalibur PCPro pigment shades.


  • All pigments are formulated in-house to control consistency and color shade from batch to batch.
  • Low viscosity allows for easy and thorough mixed by hand or automatic mixer.
  • Pigments are free of AZO, formaldehyde and heavy metals and meet or exceed international standards for restricted ingredients.


Mixing—Carefully weigh out pigment with scale and put into appropriate base. Mix thoroughly into ink by hand stirring with a spatula or with a rotating mixer for larger amounts like five gallon pails. If mixing with an ink paddle attached to a variable-speed drill always use slow setting to not create excess heat that could possibly alter printing characteristcs of the ink.
Mesh—Mesh size should be determined after pigment concentrates are mixed into appropriate mixing base and after consideration of artwork and desired end result of decoration.
Curing—When correct proportions of PCW Pigments are mixed into appropriate Excalibur Water-Base bases such as Aquatex, Plastex and Discharge Bases 2012 and 2018 ink will cure when entire ink film reaches 320° F (160°C). It will take at least 90 seconds or even longer in curing chamber to evaporate water from the print and fully cure the ink film. See below under Caution about overloading base with pigment.


Yellow PY, Yellow HR, Red X, Red YS, Red BBC, Red 481, Magenta, Lithol Rubine, Green BS, Black, Orange, Violet, Ultra Marine Blue, Blue G/S, White Regular Strength, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Magenta, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Violet, Fluorescent Yellow.


Do not overload bases with pigment. PCW pigments are highly-concentrated. Over-pigmentation of base could result in crocking or curing problems. Color accuracy should be evaluated by printing through same mesh size on like substrate after complete curing. Crock testing should be done no sooner than 72 hours after curing. For inks to be printed on light backgrounds pigment loads should not exceed 6-10%. For opaque prints in bases like Excalibur Plastex pigment loads should not exceed 15%.


Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or make claims that the mixed ink will be phthalate-free, AZO-free, formaldehyde-free or free of any heavy metals if PCW Pigments are not mixed with products manufactured and recommended by Lancer Group International.