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Evolution2 N System Additives

Evolution2 N6581 Optical White is part of the newly reformulated Evolution 2 N System of PVC-free textile inks. Evolution2 N System Additives include NC7000 Low-Crock Additive, N6132 Thickener, N6501 Curable Reducer, N6502 Viscosity Reducer, N6503 Anti-Wicking Agent and Evolution PC Pigment Concentrates. Depending upon your customer’s requirements for standards of printed decoration one or more may be needed in order to produce desired results.


NC7000 Low-Crock Additive— For the ultimate in crock resistance add 7%-12% NC7000 Low-Crock Additive just prior to printing. Only mix an amount of ink which can be used in a 24-48 hour period as this additive has shown to increase viscosity if stored longer then 24-48 hours especially in warmer conditions above 85° F.

N6132 Thickener—If after adding NC7000 Low-Crock Addtive to the finished ink you find the viscosity too low, adding N6132 Thickener in increments of 1%-2% by weight to improve coverage and printability.

N6501 Curable Reducer—A reducer that can be added in any increment to all Evolution2 ink to reduce viscosity and improve ink flow without affecting the cure characteristics. Always stir ink thoroughly before use and if necessary then add N6501 Curable Reducer until desired viscosity and flow of ink from screen to garment is achieved. Adding too much N6501 can cause diminish opacity and printability.

N6502 Viscosity Reducer—Adding 2%-4% by weight increases both ink flow and reduces build-up. Caution should be taken because adding too much N6502 will affect balance of ink resulting in poor cure characteristics.

N6503 Anti-Wicking Agent—Adding 5-20% by weight greatly reduces the risk of plasticizer leeching from the design and virtually eliminating staining the inside of the fabric behind the print.  Even though adding amounts greater than 20% by weight will not affect the printability of cure of the ink it  will reduce the softness of the hand feel of the finished print. Do not add this to any Evolution2 Series of ink that has been reduced with any additive other than an “N” System additive.

Evolution PC Pigment Concentrates– A set of 26 highly-concentrated pigments used to tint or add color to Evolution2 bases and the newest Evolution2 bases called the N System Bases. Evolution2 bases include 6400 High Stretch Base, 6551 Base, 6700 Metallic Base, 6820 Puff Mixing Base, 6825 Foam Base, 6835 High Density Base, 6835 High Density Clear Base, 7504 SportPro Base and 7551 ColorPro Mixing Base. Evolution2 N System Bases N6504, N6505 and N6550 have replaced the previous formulations numbered 6504, 6505 and 6550. Do not overload bases with pigments. Evolutions2 pigments are highly-concentrated. Recommended pigment loads in the appropriate Evolution2 base is 15% and at no time should ever exceed 20% by weight. Over-pigmentation of base could result in crocking or curing problems. Color accuracy should be evaluated by printing through same mesh size on like substrate after complete curing. Crock testing should be done no sooner than 72 hours after curing. ColorPro Software may be used to mix all standard Evolution2 colors, all Pantone© C Colors and any special mix that may be needed. Contact Lancer Group International or your local dealer to obtain a copy of this software.

Pigment Colours–Yellow PY, Yellow HR, Red X, Red YS, Red BBC, Red 481, Red 254, Magenta, Lithol Rubine, Green YS, Green BS, Black, Orange, Violet, Ultra Marine Blue, Blue GS, White Super Strength, White Regular Strength, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Magenta, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Violet, Fluorescent Yellow.


Always test finished prints for curing, adhesion, intercoat adhesion, opacity, bleed-resistance and desired look prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this ink will test PVC-free or phthalate-free if any additive other than an additive manufactured by Lancer Group International is used to modify this ink. Test results by a third-party laboratory verifying all components used to produce this ink are PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free are available upon request.