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General Information

Plastisol Ink Information
Plastisol Cure Variables
Special Problems of Plastisol Ink

Heat Transfer Information
General Types of Heat Transfers
Making Cold Peel Transfers
The Flock Transfer System
Special Heat Transfer Techniques
Information About Transfer Paper
Tips for Heat Transfer Machines

Evolution PVC-Free Inks
Evolution PVC-Free Print Guide*(NEW)

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Excalibur Transfer Inks and Transfer Printing Techniques by Morgan Young

Metric Conversion Tables
Temperature Conversion Table
Screen Mesh Conversion Table

Direct Printing Inks

High Stretch/Low Cure Plastisol Inks
400PFF Series *

RFU General Purpose, Wet-on-Wet Inks
500 Series – Plastisol Ink*

High Opacity Plastisol Inks
533 High Opacity Collegiate Colors*
550 Series – High Opacity Ink*
551PF ColorPRO Pantone Mixing System
551PF Booster Colours

White Plastisol Inks

400LB Series – Low Bleed White*
525 Series – Competition White*
565 Series – Fast Flash White*
575 Series – Electric LB White*
579 High Opacity Bright White*
581 Series – Arctic White*
585 Series – Absolute White*
588 Series – Tactical White*
590 Series – Sabre White* 
595 Series – High Opacity White*
596 Series – Miracle White*
1550PF SportPro Athletic White*
Target White
Bright Target White
TKO White
Bright TKO White

Athletic and Performance Wear Inks
1533PF SportPRO Collegiate Colours*
1550PF SportPRO Athletic Inks*
1596PF SportPRO Defender Grey Dye Blocker*
1597PF SportPRO Defender Black Dye Blockers*

Specialty Plastisol Inks
596 Series – Miracle Gold*
600 Series – Process Ink
600SS Series – Process Ink*
700PF Metallic Colours*
• 700PF Glitter Series Colours*
• 700PF Glow In The Dark RFU*
750PF Series – Stone Print Ink*
801PF Series – Foil Proof (Foil Resist)
820 Series – Direct Print Puff Base and Colours*
825 Series – Foam Grip Ink*
835PF Series – High Density Ink*
Jelly Print Plastisol Ink
Quicksilver Textile Ink
Retroflec Reflective Ink*
Solar Change Plastisol Ink (NEW and IMPROVED)

Colour Matching Systems
551PF ColorPRO Pantone Mixing System*
551PF Booster Colours
PCPRO Color Mixing System (PC) *
Colormate PRO Software * (Updated Formulas)

Pigments and Specialty Powders
Glow-In-The-Dark Powder*
Metallic Gold Powder
Subliscreen Color Concentrates
Colortones Pigment Concentrates
Glitter Flakes

Heat Transfer Inks

600SS Four Colour Process Transfer Series*
878SS Puff Transfer Series*
888 Stretchback Transfer Backing Adhesive*
900 Hot-Split Transfer Series *
950 High Opacity Hot-Split Transfer Series*
960 Hot Peel Transfer Series*
951PF ColorPRO Hot-Split Transfer Mixing System*
961PF ColorPRO Hot-Peel Transfer Mixing System*
996 Litho Inks & Back-up Plastisols*
998 Sublimation Litho Inks*
Duratex Transfer System*

* Indicates Updated Information
DC** Discontinued Item


Additives, Adhesives, Bases

Plastisol Ink Addititves
ABA – Low-Buildup Additive*
HGA – High Gloss Additive*
HSA – High Stretch Additive*
LBA – Low Bleed Additive*
LCA – Low Cure Additive*
EXE Thickener Additive*
Suede Additive*
PF-97 Puff Additive*
102 Matte Additive*
103 Fast Flash Additive*
105 Low Tack Additive*
501 Curable Reducer*
502 Viscosity Reducer*
507 Soft Hand Extender Base*
1501 Low-Bleed Viscosity Reducer*
836PF High Density Additive*
906 Hot Split Additive*
X150 Nylon Bonding Agent*

Plastisol Ink Adhesives
Superhold Powder Adhesives*
841 Printable Adhesive*
843 Caviar Bead Adhesive
845 High Bond Adhesive*
846 High Stretch Adhesive*
847 High Stretch Adhesive*
888 Stretchback Adhesive

Plastisol Ink Bases
400PF Series High Stretch Mixing Base*
504PF Series Direct Print Mixing Base
505PF Series Four Color Process Base
550PF Series  High Opacity Mixing Base
551PF Series ColorPRO Mixing Base
700PF Series Metallic Mixing Base
Sponge Base for Direct Printing
750 Series Stone Print Base
820 Series Puff Base
825 Series Foam Grip Base*
833 Super Clear High Density (HV)
835 Series High Density Base
838PF Super Clear High Density
837 Series Coning Base
950 Series High Opacity Base
904 Series Hot Split Base
960 Series Hot Peel Base
905PF First Down Clear

Specialty Ink Systems

1533PF SportPro Collegiate Colours*
1550 SportPRO Athletic Inks*
1800 Spot Process System
3550 Triumph Nylon Inks *
3551 Triumph ColorPRO

Water Based Inks

Water Based Textile Inks
Aquatex WB Ink*
Plastex WB Ink (HS)*
Duratex WB Nylon Ink*
The Dye Discharge System*
Easy-Charge Discharge Additive 
Subliscreen Sublimation Ink
PCW Water-Base Pigment Concentrates
Aquabond Water-Based Adhesive*

Water Based Additives
Aquafix Self-Curing Additive*
AQT 1010 – Clear
AQT 2593 – Low Crock
AQT 2594 – Aqualife Retarder
AQT 2595 – Thickener
AQT 2596 – Softener

Evolution NX System Synopsis
Evolution PVC-Free Print Guide
Evolution Series NX System  

Ready-For-Use Inks
Evolution NX System NX6550 Collegiate Colours (RFU)
Evolution NX System NX6551 ColorPro Mixing System
Evolution NX System NX6581 Optical White
Evolution NX System NX6600 Four-Color Process

Four-Colour Process Direct Print and Transfers
Evolution NX System NX6600 Four-Color Process

Evolution NX System NX6582 Fast-Flash White
Evolution NX System NX6865 Fiber-Mat First Down Clear

Dye Migration Blockers
Evolution NX System NX6710 Defender Grey Dye      Blocker
Evolution NX System NX6711 Defender Black Dye  Blocker

Colour-Mixing Systems and Components
ColorPro RFU Mixing System
Evolution NX System NX6551 ColorPro Mixing System

PCPro Base and Pigment System
Evolution NX System NX6504 Transparent Mixing Base
Evolution NX System NX6550 High-Opacity Mixing Base
Evolution NX System NX6825 Foam Grip Mixing Base
Evolution NX System NX6830 Suede Mixing Base
Evolution NX System EVPC Pigment Concentrates

Evolution NX System Additives

Printable Adhesives
Evolution NX6841 Printable Adhesive

Litho Transfer System
Evolution Series NX6555 Litho Transfer System 

STI Direct Print Silicone Ink System
STI Direct Print Silicone Ink System
STI Direct Print Silicone Ink System

STI Heat Transfer Silicone Ink System
STI Heat Transfer Silicone Ink System

Nike RSL Certification and Test Results 
OEKO-TEX Certification and Test Results 
REACH Certification and Test Results