The Right Transfer Machine for the Job: Picking the right heat transfer machine can mean the difference between good quality screen printed transfers and heat transfers that are below todays’ standards.

When you purchase a heat press, it is important to pick one that suits your transferring needs. The size of the platen/element, model style and power requirements should all be considered when buying a heat press. When you have found a heat press that suits your transferring needs, it is also very important to perform regular maintenance as outlined by the manufacturer of the heat transfer machine. It is very important to also test the element temperatures to ensure the thermostat is accurate. Along with regular maintenance, it is also important to test the machine and become familiar with all its features including pressure controls.

After learning what your heat transfer machine can do, be sure to follow the application instructions as closely as possible to ensure trouble free heat transfers every time. Proper application of a transfer will always involve a combination of time, temperature and pressure.


1. Buy a quality machine that suits your transfer needs. Be sure to check the platen/element size (i.e. 15” x 15”, 16” x 20”, etc) the type of model (i.e. Clam Shell Style, Swing, Automatic Swing Air Operated, Caps) and the power supply requirements (i.e. volts/amps).

2. Be sure to follow regular maintenance procedures (as recommended by the manufacturer) to keep your heat transfer machine in top working order for years of trouble free heat transfer applications.

3. Check the actual element temperature of the heat press to the temperature setting on the thermostat to ensure the application is accurate.

4. Learn the pressure settings on your heat transfer machine and get familiar with its features. The various heat transfer methods may require different pressure settings, depending on the application.

5. Follow application instructions for each particular heat transfer method. Proper application involves the right combination of time, temperature and pressure.

6. Excalibur Plastisol Inks for textile screen printing require the following transferring specifications:

Excalibur Heat Transfer Specifications:

Hot Split/Peel: 375°F-400°F (191°C-204°C); 6-12 seconds using medium pressure.
Cold Peel: 350°F-375°F (177°C-191°C); 10-15 seconds using medium pressure.
Hot Split/Peel Puff: 375°F-400°F (191°C – 204°C); 4-8 seconds; Medium pressure. Peel hot.