Lancer’s Super Flock is a complete heat transfer system for applying flock designs to a wide variety of fabrics and substrates. The Super Flock Heat Transfer System has an 8 mil height which yields a beautiful high loft transfer that is 60% higher than traditional flock. These Flock transfers have excellent washability and will adhere to cotton, cotton/polyester blends, polyester, acrylics, denim, and many other surfaces. This system is not suitable for water-proofed materials.

Technical Information

Available Sizes: 15” x 21” (38.1cm x 53.34cm)

Available Colors: White, Black, Dark Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Bright Red.

Adhesives: FT87 Water Based Screenable Adhesive, 845 Series High Bond or Aquabond.

H23 Hot Melt Crystals: Crystals are applied to the FT87 adhesive immediately after printing. (Not required when using Aquabond or 845 High Bond).

Stencil Systems: A water resistant stencil is recommended.

Squeegee: 50 to 60 durometer square or bevel edge squeegee. Available as complete squeegee or blade only. A 60 Durometer double bevel squeegee can also be used.

One Step Method (Aquabond – Water Based): Print onto the flock using light pressure squeegee. A fairly heavy deposit of adhesive is required, so use a soft squeegee and screen print like a flood stroke. Let air dry then cure through a conveyor dryer at 325°F-350°F (160°C-175°C). When cured properly, the Aquabond will be like a continuous film.

One Step Method (845 Plastisol Method): Print 845 Printable Adhesive onto the flock using light squeegee pressure. The screen mesh should be 80-110/inch (32T-43T). A fairly heavy deposit of printable adhesive is required. After printing, cure through the dryer for approximately 1 minute at 325°F (160°C). 845 Printable Adhesive may be tinted with pigment concentrates or a plastisol ink to match the flock color.

Two Step Method (FT87 and H23): Print FT87 onto flock paper using light squeegee pressure. A fairly heavy deposit of adhesive is required, so use a soft squeegee and print like a flood stroke. After screening, apply powder crystals. Gently shake off the excess crystals. Once the crystals have been applied and the excess shaken off, air dry for approximately 6-10 hours to allow the water to fully evaporate. Excess crystals which could not be removed by shaking, must now be removed by means of a soft bristle brush, a vacuum, or blast of compressed air. If not sufficiently removed, the crystals will melt during the heat curing process and will carry over during transferring. Let the print air dry then heat cure through a conveyor dryer at 325°F-350°F (160°C-175°C). When cured properly cured, the crystals will appear like a continuous film.

Screen Preparation: For Aquabond or FT87, a water resistant emulsion must be used as they are water based adhesives. For 845 Printable Adhesive, any stencil system can be used as it is a plastisol.

Printing Technique: Using a Flock Squeegee (or equivalent), lightly flood the screen with FT87 Adhesive or Aquabond. Super Flock Paper does not require the same pressure as regular screen printing. Glide the squeegee over the screen fabric and the adhesive will partially absorb into the paper on top of the paper. Keep a large amount of adhesive on the screen while printing. Ideal adhesive penetration into the flock fibres is 50%, with the remaining adhesive sitting on the surface of the fibres. The adhesive must not be pressed too far into the flock, as this will make it stiff. If the adhesive penetrates through to the backing paper it can’t be removed after heat transferring.

Heat Transferring: Use light pressure and heat seal the transfer at 350°F (171°C) for 10-20 seconds. Thicker material has a longer dwell time. Allow the transfer to cool down before peeling paper backing.

Properties: Both FT87 and Aquabond may be colored or tinted with Aqua Series Colortone Concentrates to match/modify the flock colors. FT87 and Aquabond adhesive may be thinned with water, but high viscosity is needed for proper printing of flock transfers.

Cleaning: Screens can be cleaned with normal soap and water or 2000 Green and water. In most cases, dried adhesive can be removed with TR Blend.

Special Note: FT87 and Aquabond adhsive will air dry, so close container tightly after use. If production stops for a short period of time, the screen should be flooded with adhesive and covered tightly to avoid drying of the screens.