Subliscreen Color Concentrates can be combined with S-1305 Subliscreen Base to create custom color matches. Subliscreen Color Concentrates can be added to Subliscreen ink to tint or add color.

Technical Information

Sublimation Transfers are printed onto a carrier paper and then heat applied to sublimation ready materials. Sublimation transfers normally produce their best colors when applied to polyester and other synthetics and are not recommended for cotton. If transfers are to be applied to cotton or 50/50 blends, SC97 Sublimation Coating is recommended. Because this a dye system, opacity is limited. It is recommended only for white and pastel fabrics.

For all colors (Excluding Black): Add 8% to 10% of the Subliscreen Color Concentrates to S-1305 Subliscreen Base.

For Black: Add 12% to 16% of Subliscreen Color Concentrates to S-1305 base.

Ink Cleanup: Only water is needed for cleanup. Mild soap can be used if required.

Subliscreen Color Concentrates can be used with S-1305 Base or Subliscreen Water Based Inks. Please review the list below for a list of Subliscreen components. For more information, please contact your nearest Lancer Representative today by clicking here.

Components for the Subliscreen® Color Concentrates

Subliscreen Base and Concentrate Colors: S-1305 Subliscreen Base, Subliscreen Yellow, Subliscreen Bright Red, Subliscreen Cyan Blue, Subliscreen Black, Subliscreen Orange, Subliscreen Process Red, Subliscreen Dark Blue.