Use Excalibur Metallic Gold Powder to create metallic gold screen printing inks. These Metallic Gold Powders will easily disperse into any clear screen printing ink base, such as plastisol, vinyl, enamel, etc.

Technical Information

Ink Base and Mix Ratio: Use clear ink base. 4 oz. powder to Litre/Quart of clear ink. 16oz. Gold Powder to 4 Litres/Gallon clear ink.

Mixing Instructions: Do not add metallic gold powder directly to the ink as small lumps may form. Prepare a paste using the correct reducer for that particular ink type. Add the prepared paste to the ink base and mix very well.

Screen Mesh: Use all screen meshes up to 230 (92T cm).

Squeegee: Medium Durometer is recommended.

Ink Cleanup: Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.

Metallic Gold Powder can be used with all Excalibur Clear Plastisol Ink Bases. For technical details on Metallic Gold Powder, see individual ink series on this website (please review list below for available bases).

• 400 Series Fast Fusion Base
• 401PF Series Clear Base
• 554 Series Litho Clear Base
• 700 Series Metallic Clear Base
• 701PF Series Clear Base
• 833PF Series Super Clear Base
• 837 Series Coning Base
• 838PF Super Clear Base
• 900 Series Metallic Clear Base
• 900PF Series Metallic Clear Base
• 905 Series Clear Base
• 908PF Series First Down Clear
• JP2000 Jelly Print Clear Base
• JP2000PF Jelly Print Clear Base