An addition of 5% – 6% by weight of Excalibur Low-Cure Additive (LCA) reduces curing temperatures in many Excalibur direct printing inks by as much as 15° F. Consult the appropriate Technical Data Sheet for the exact curing temperature of the Excalibur plastisol the LCA will be mixed with. After curing inspect the print for a complete cure by stretching, or an even more definitive test would be to cut the print in half, wash one-half of print 3-5 times and compare to the unwashed print. If the print is fully cured both halves of print should look identical.

Always ensure any additive mixed into Excalibur plastisols is thoroughly mixed and test printed for desired effect prior to running production. Because Excalibur additives have been thoroughly tested in Excalibur plastisols we cannot guarantee the same results if the Excalibur additive is mixed with a competitive brand of plastisol.