Direct Printing Clear Gel for a Tone-on-Tone Look!

Jelly Print Plastisol Ink produces a print with soft and sticky jelly feel. Jelly Print has a super high gloss look and has very high stretch characteristics. Jelly Print Plastisol Ink can be used as a direct print or overprinted to highlight an area of the design. Using a thick film stencil, Jelly Print can be screen printed thick like a high density ink. Jelly Print Plastisol Ink is also available in a Phthalate Free version (call for details).

Technical Information

Screen Mesh: Use a screen mesh of 60-110/inch (24-44cm) for best results.

Stencil: Use a direct emulsion or thick film for best screen printing results. Use a 250-400 Micron stencil to create a high density look.

Curing: Heat cure the print at 320°F (163°C) for 1½ to 3 minutes.

Caution: Curing times will increase greatly because of the thickness of the ink film. The cured print should resist cracking. If print is undercured poor washability may result.

Ink Cleanup: Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.