An addition of 3%-5% by weight of High Gloss Additive (HGA) greatly increases the gloss level of plastisol prints in most Excalibur plastisol inks.HGA works exceptionally well when mixed with any Excalibur high-density clear or Jelly Print Clear.

Caution: High Gloss Additive is not curable by itself and adding increments higher than 3-5% by weight will cause the ink to not cure and affect the durablility of the print. Likewise, adding too much will also affect the opacity and printability of the mixed ink.

Always ensure any additive mixed into Excalibur plastisols is thoroughly mixed and test printed for desired effect prior to running production. Because Excalibur additives have been thoroughly tested in Excalibur plastisols we cannot guarantee the same results if the Excalibur additive is mixed with a competitive brand of plastisol.