Glitter Flakes are added to textile inks to create a shiny, glittery special effect. Mixes with most clear ink bases. Also available in a premixed version (call for details).

Available Sizes: .008″ x .008″ and .004″ x .004″

Technical Information

Mix Ratio: 20% Glitter Flakes to 80% Base. (Percentage may vary to suit your needs).

Screen Mesh: 24-32/inch (10T-13T cm) is recommended.

Stencil: All types of stencils may be used for screen printing Glitter Flakes.

Reducer: 502 Reducer (1-3%) can be added to the ink base.

Ink Cleanup: Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.

Direct Printing: To ensure good coverage flood your screen, two passes should be made applying medium squeegee pressure. Cure as you normally would. Glitter Chips reflect heat, make sure that your print is fully cured.

Heat Transfers: Print on high gloss paper for glitter transfers and semi-cure in dryer. Cold peel at for 12 – 15 seconds.

Sprinkle Application: (Direct Printing) Screen print a plastisol base, such as our Jelly Print or Stone Print to your material (do not cure at this point). Glitter Flakes may be applied by sprinkling the chips onto the wet ink design and gently brushing or tapping off the excess flakes. You may also apply the chips to your wet design by putting a layer of glitter flakes in a large enough container then gently pressing or dipping the image directly onto the glitter flakes. Brush or tap off excess flakes. Fully cure as you normally would.

Colors Available for Glitter Flakes

Colors (.008 x .008): Electric Green (laser), Fire and Ice (laser), Gold Dust (laser), Gold Glitter, Ice Blue (laser), Ice Wine (laser), Silver Glitter, Techno Silver (laser), Crystallina

Colors (.004 x .004): Metallic Silver Sparkle, Metallic Gold Sparkle, Metallic Copper Sparkle, Metallic Red Sparkle, Metallic Royal Sparkle, Metallic Purple Sparkle, Metallic Green Sparkle.