Colortones are extremely concentrated pigments which can be used to tint or add color to most water based inks. Ideal for color matching purposes, Color Tones can also be used with Low Crock as a pigment dye system for fabric. Normally 10% Color Tones mixed in a water based ink base will yield very strong printing colors.

Technical Information

Colortones Pigment Concentrates can be used with all Excalibur Water Based Textile Inks. For technical details on Colortones Pigment Concentrates, see individual ink series on this website (please review list below for available bases). For more information about Colortones Pigment Concentrates, please contact your nearest Lancer Representative today by clicking here.

• Aquatex Water Based Ink
• Plastex Water Based Ink (HS)
• Duratex Water Based Nylon Ink
• The Dye Discharge System
• Subliscreen Sublimation Ink

Components of Colortones® Pigment Concentrates

Colortones Pigment Colors: Royal Blue, Blue 2G, Blue 3G, Green 7, Orange, Brown YB, Fluorescent Cerise, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Magenta, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Violet, Fluorescent Yellow, Jet Black.