Excalibur’s 998 Series is a four color process sublimation inks for high speed lithographic textile printing. The inks produce sublimation litho heat transfers are printed with 998 Inks on high speed lithographic presses. The result is brilliant designs ready to be applied to a number of different specially coated substrates. This type of transfer works well on polyester blend fabrics such as t-shirts, mouse pads, pennants, and specially coated materials including ceramic, wood, plastic and metal.


  • Produces vibrant colours with high-resolution on 100% polyester t-shirts and many other coated substrates.
  • Litho inks produces high production output by utilizing high speed lithographic presses.
  • Completely phthalate-free and lead-free formulation complies with all standards of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) banning phthalates and heavy metals in textile-printing inks.


Transfer Paper: For best results ST88 transfer paper is recommended although many offset papers produce good results.

Printing Techniques For Sublimation Lithographic Printing and Production: Sublimation Litho Inks perform on the press like conventional lithographic ink. Best results and color control is maintained when process work is run on a four-color press. Satisfactory results can be obtained on a single or two color press. It is also possible to utilize a web press provided the press is sheeted at the delivery end.  The inks will appear dull and dirty when initially printed on the paper but after heat transferring onto the coated substrate the true colours will develop . Color bars must be run and densitometer readings taken to ensure even coverage on the sheet. Slight variations in ink film thickness will result in large differences when the transfer is made. For proper quality control of the printed paper, it is absolutely essential that the lithographer have a heat transfer press to test the color. This ensures that the color on the paper can be accurately compared  to the color on the fabric . Sheets should be checked at least every 500 impressions. Caution: Anyone who is unwilling to make this minimal investment should not consider entering the field of sublimation printing. Sheets must be checked for scumming and tinting as any defects will be transferred from the non-image areas to the garment resulting in  misprinted substrates

Transfer Application Parameters:

100% Polyester T-shirts* 25 seconds 400°F (204°C) medium-high pressure
Plastic 35 seconds 400°F (204°C) medium-high pressure
Metal 30-55 seconds 400°F (204°C) medium-high pressure
Melamine/Wood 80 seconds 400°F (204°C) medium-high pressure
Ceramic Tiles 150-210 seconds 400°F (204°C) medium-high pressure
Ceramic Mugs 110-310 seconds 350°-400°F (177°-204°C) medium-high pressure

*Use slip sheet inside garment to prevent ink from “blowing through” and showing on back side of garment.


Always test finished prints for curing, opacity, adhesion and desired effect prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this mixed ink will test phthalate-free if any additive other than an additive manufactured by Lancer Group International is used to modify this ink. Test results by a third-party laboratory verifying all components used to produce this ink are phthalate-free and lead-free are available upon request.