Excalibur’s 906PF Hot Split Additive when mixed in increments of 25-30% into Excalibur 500PF Series colours will transform that color into an ink that can be hot-split transferred. When the paper is peeled immediately after transferring, the ink film will split putting approximately 80% of the ink film onto the shirt and leaving 20% on the paper, thus, the term hot split. A hot-split transfer is the closest application to simulate a direct print on any garment.


  • Mixes easily into any Excalibur 500PF Series colour.
  • Less inventory because there is no need to stock two identical  ink colors for separate applications.
  • Completely PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free formulation complies with all standards of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) banning phthalates and heavy metals in textile-printing inks.


Mixing: Add 25-30% by weight to any Excalibur 500PF Series plastisol colour and mix thoroughly.

Gel Temperature: Ink will gel on surface at 240° F (126° C).

Mesh: Mesh sizes between 80-125 in/32-48T produce best results.

Transfer Paper: Soft Trans ST-88 or any transfer paper manufactured for hot split transfers.

Stencil: Any stencil compatible with plastisol inks may be used.

Modification: Because plastisol inks are thixotropic and can body up during storage always stir ink thoroughly prior to printing or adding reducers. If necessary Excalibur 501PF Curable Reducer may be added to increase printability of ink and help clean ink from the screen. CAUTION: Adding too much Excalibur 501PF Curable Reducer will reduce opacity and reduce clarity thus altering the sparkling look of the metallic print.

Squeegee: 70 durometer or 90/70/90 triple durometer blades are recommended.

Clean-up: Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.


Always test finished prints for curing, adhesion, opacity, and desired look prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this ink will test PVC-free or phthalate-free if any additive other than an additive manufactured by Lancer Group International is used to modify this ink. Test results by a third-party laboratory verifying all components used to produce this ink are PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free are available upon request.