843 Caviar Bead Adhesive forms a very strong bond between the fabric of a garment and the caviar beads. This adhesive is extremely easy to use. Simply screen print 843 Caviar Bead Adhesive onto a garment, sprinkle on the caviar beads and cure. When properly cured, 843 will resist cracking and be very washable. Works with plastic beads only – not glass beads.

Technical Information

Screen Mesh: 80/inch (32T cm).

Stencil: For the best results, a heavy deposit of 843 Caviar Bead Adhesive is required. We recommend a stencil of 200 to 300 micron thickness.

Applying Caviar Beads: After screen printing, lightly sprinkle on the caviar beads or pass the garment through a tray of beads. NOTE: The ink (843 Caviar Bead adhesive) must be wet at this point. When applied, the caviar beads will stick to the wet 843.

Curing: The print must be heat cured at 320°F (160°C) until the entire thickness of the ink film is cured. The cured print should stretch and retract without breaking or cracking. If the print cracks, it is a sign of under cure and the print must be cured at a longer time or a hotter temperature (or sometimes both).