Now you can screen print photo realistic imprints on textile with ease. 600 Series is a translucent system designed to be printed on light backgrounds or a white under-base. They exhibit extreme brightness with a super soft hand feel. The CMYK colour gamut is expandible with the addition of process blue and red.

Series Colors and Bases: Process Black, Process Blue, Process Cyan, Process Red, Process Yellow, Process Magenta, 505 Base (process)

Drying: Excalibur Ink will fully heat cure when the entire ink film reaches 320°F (154°C). Light colors may require longer periods to obtain this temperature.

Ink Cleanup: Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.

Screen Mesh: Up to 355/inch (140T) polyester may be used.

Ink Modification: For a softer hand feel up to 5% 502 reducer may be added.  501 Curable reducer can be added at any percentage

Squeegee: Medium Durometer is recommended.

Stencil: Most types of stencils may be used for screen printing 600 Series Process Inks.