Excalibur’s 451FF High Stretch Series is a high-opacity, colour-mixing system that produces simulated Pantone colours, standard 400 HS colours and custom colours.  This specialty plastisol offers printers a high-opacity, high-elongation ink that cures at a much lower temperature than traditional plastisol inks.  It is an excellent choice for direct printing on heat-sensitive fabrics that are prone to scorching or shrinking.  The 400 Series can also be used in the production of cold-peel transfers.

The system consists of two base, 11 readsy-for-use colours and five additional components called Booster Colours.  Booster Colours are very intense shades of Yellow, Red, Blue and Green that when added in increments between 5%-40% will increase the brightness and color accuracy of specific colours.  Most generally the colors in the 451PF mixing formulas that need boosting are colours that can be found in the three colours located in the center of each page of the Pantone® “C” Formula Guide.   400FF and 451FF ColorPRO® HS Bases can be utilized to create Pantone®, custom or standard 400 Series colours using Excalibur Pigment Concentrates in the PCPro Colour Mixing System.



Ideal Fabric: 100% Cotton. Poly/Cotton and 100% Polyester Fabrics with appropriate underbase white.

Screen Mesh: For direct printing, a 110-230/inch (43T-92Tcm) mesh may be used.

Squeegee: Medium Durometer (70) or Triple Durometer (90/70/90) is recommended.

Stencil: Any emulsion compatible with plastisol inks.

Curing: Gel temperature 220°F (105°C). Full Cure 285°F (140°C)

Pigment Loading: 10-15% by weight in 400FF Base.

Additives: 1501PF Curable Reducer, 1502PF Viscosity Reducer. 3% Maximum.

Storage: 60°F – 90°F (15°C – 32°C). Lids closed tightly.

Ink Cleanup: Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.

Colours: Yellow G/S, Yellow R/S, Red Y/S, Red B/S, Fluorescent Magenta, Violet, Blue B/S, Blue R/S, Green, Black, White, Booster Yellow, Booster Red Y/S, Booster Red B/S, Booster Blue and Booster Green.

Software Information: Please Click Here for software updates and downloads.



Always test finished prints for color accuracy, crocking, curing, adhesion and desired look prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this mixed ink will test phthalate-free if any additive other than those manufactured by Lancer Group International is used to produce this ink. Test results by a third-party laboratory verifying all components used to produce this ink are phthalate-free and lead-free are available upon request.