3551 Triumph ColorPRO is a precise color matching system that can be easily repeated. This simple to use system produces simulated Pantone colors using 11 ink colors (including black and white). 3551 Triumph ColorPRO is specifically designed for color matching single-step nylon heat transfer inks.

Colors for Triumph® ColorPRO®

Technical Information

ColorPRO produces simulated Pantone colors using 11 standard ink colors (including black and white). ColorPRO is suitable for both light and dark fabrics. Formulations are based on weight and are extremely easy to follow. Simply select a color from your Pantone® Color Formula Guide and find the appropriate formula in the ColorPRO Mixing Guide.

Drying: Excalibur ColorPRO Inks fully cure when the entire ink film reaches 310°F (154°C). Light colors may require longer drying periods to attain this temperature.

Heat Transfers (Cold Peel): 250°F (121°C) for 1½ minutes is a good starting point. Shorter periods at higher temperatures may be used (approximately 30 seconds at 325°F/163°C).

Hot Split/Peel Transfers: Available as 951 for hot split transfers or 961 hot peel transfers.

Ink Cleanup: Use Enviro Series 2000 Green or Enviro Series TR Blend.

Squeegee: Medium Durometer is recommended.

Screen Mesh: For direct printing, 40-305/inch (16-122cm) polyester mesh may be used. For heat transfers, 80-125/inch (32-50cm) mesh gives the best result.