Spot Process Professional is the industry’s finest and most accurate software for color separating high-end, tonal images such as the image you see here. Lancer has formulated and received approval for its Spot Process line of inks. These high quality inks reproduce images on press with great accuracy and durability. The result is 2 great products working together to make you money. Lancer and Freehand Graphics have teamed up not only to deliver these great products but to educate and support the use of them.


Spot Process Colors: Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, Green, Turquoise, Grey, White, Black.

Spot Process Base: 1800 White Base

Software: Excalibur Spot Process Professional Suite Software

Technical Information

Color Merging: The “click of the mouse” color merging features allowing you to reduce the low number of channels when desired.

3 Black Options: 3 levels of black giving users options with this critical element in color reproduction. These black options are NOT taken from limited cmyk conversions but in fact are built directly from the original RGB color data.

Top White: An over-print white that is critical in creating secondary and tertiary colors.

Dynamic Underbase: An under-base, the foundation of all screen printing on color garments, based on the color dynamics of the original image allowing for smooth color transitions and fades.

Color Enhancement: Orange and brown enhancement features for the harder to reach spectral values.

Apply Feature: An “APPLY” feature that allows the user to move and combine separation data across channels to enhance a color channel (separation) or to create a special effect.

Save and Load Color Corrections: The ability to save your color corrections and load them again later or into another file.

Load Ink Sets: Lancer Group International and Freehand has provided to you swatches from both garment and Excalibur Screen Printing Inks. This is just one of the features developed specifically to meet the needs of screen printers.