1501PF Low-Bleed Cureable Reducer can be used to adjust the viscosity of any Excalibur low-bleed ink without fear of diminishing the bleed resistance of the ink. Even though any amount of 1501PF can be added, when printing dark substrates, best results are obtained when adding no more than 3-5% by weight to the ink. Because plastisol inks are thixotropic in nature and can have a false body during storage, it is recommended to always stir ink prior to adding reducer.

Excalibur inks that 1501PF are recommended to be used with are SportPro 1533PF and 1550PF Series, Defender 1596PF, 590PF Sabre White, 596PF Miracle White, TKO White and TKO Bright White.

Caution: Care should be taken when adding reducer to any ink as it can affect film strength, opacity, printability and coverage. Always test finished prints for curing, adhesion and desired look prior to beginning full production runs. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that the mixed ink will test phthalate-free if any ink other than an ink manufactured by Lancer Group International is modified. Test results by a third-party laboratory verifying all components used to produce this additive are phthalate-free and lead-free are available upon request.