SubliSCREEN is a water based sublimation screen printing ink for textile applications. It will work with most machine glazed and bonded papers such as ST-88. Doing sublimation transfers with these inks will produce vivid detail and bright colors for every transfer. This system only requires water for cleanup. Subliscreen Sublimation Ink is recommended for light fabrics.

  • Produce Vivid Detail and Bright Colors
  • Recommended For Light Fabrics

Technical Information

Sublimation Transfers are printed onto a carrier paper and then heat applied to sublimation ready materials. Sublimation transfers normally produce their best colors when applied to polyester and other synthetics and are not recommended for cotton. If transfers are to be applied to cotton or 50/50 blends, SC97 Sublimation Coating is recommended. Because this a dye system, opacity is limited. It is recommended only for white and pastel fabrics.

Screen Mesh: 230-305/inch (92T-122T cm) polyester is recommended.

Transfer Paper: Most machine glazed and bonded papers, ie. Soft Trans Paper (ST-88).

Drying: Air dry 10 – 20 minutes.

Transferring: Soft Trans is recommended as a carrying agent. Transfer for 15-30 seconds at 390°F (143°C). Remove paper immediately after transferring. Don’t allow to slide while hot – this will cause ghosting of image.

Retarder and Extender: To slow down drying time use slight amounts of S-1311 Retarder. To extend ink colors use S-1305 Subliscreen Base.

Stencils and Washup: Use water resistant emulsion. Wash with water.