AQUA Print


Ideal Fabric– 100% Cotton Fabrics.

Mesh–83-305/inch (32-120cm)

Squegee–70 durometer or 70/90/70 Triple Durometer.

Stencil–Water-proof stencils only.

Curing–320°F (160° C) for 90 seconds.

Pigment Loading–6-10% by Weight.

Additive–5-30% by weight AquaLife Retarder.
5% AquaFix Additives for small dryers.

Storage–60°-90° F (30°-45°C) with lids closed.

Cleaning–Warm water immediately after printing and use Enviro Series 2000 Green for difficult spots.

Always test finished prints for curing, adhesion, opacity and desired look prior to beginning full production run. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results or back claims that this ink will test PVC-free, phthalate-free or formaldehyde-free if any additive other than an additive recommended and manufactured by Lancer Group International is used to modify this ink.