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Who We Are

Lancer Group International is a leading manufacturer of screen printing textile inks, supplies and many other related imprinted textile products. Established in 1973, Lancer Group has become a global leader in all aspects of textile screen printing for well over 30 years.

We are a company of seasoned professionals and every single representative is a true veteran of the textile screen printing industry. This is extremely important in today’s market because our people have a solid background in textile screen printing which helps us deliver world class service and support. Ultimately, this is what Lancer Group International is about…our customers. We believe that quality and service is the first priority, no matter what. We will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of each customer.

Our broad reach now includes service in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Lancer Group dealers are dedicated screen printing professionals who manage their own textile businesses and can be found all over the world! Our dealers’ wealth of knowledge and experience is what helps us deliver first class service to every single customer regardless of size or location. Our global network continues to grow every year. With each new expansion at Lancer Group, we further our global reach and this allows us to deliver world-renowned service with greater efficiency than ever before.

Lancer Group can be found around the world with offices in the United States, Canada and Asia. Here at Lancer, we take pride in being an international company. Our dedication and partnership with our global dealers allows us to deliver consistent service as well as superior products. We will continue to improve our products and services because in the end, our customers needs come first. Their success is our success and we will do everything we can to ensure that our products meet the needs of every customer.