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Where We Are Going

Since 1973, Lancer Group International has lead the way in major innovations and developments relating to the textile screen printing industry. We will continue to do so well into the future. We are proud of our accomplishments and are excited to be bringing you the latest, state-of-the-art textile screen printing technology as the demands of the industry and our customers change. When there is a new development in the textile screen printing industry, Lancer Group International will be there to make it even better!

For many years now, Lancer Group International has been improving current screen printing technology and introducing new products to exceed the demands of our customers. We have developed a streamlined color matching system and introduced groundbreaking color matching software. In recent years, the industry demands for pvc/phthalate free textile inks has given way to new generation of screen printing technology. Lancer Group has been at the forefront of this new trend and we have introduced a complete line of pvc/phthalate free inks including Evolution 2 and Duratex ink systems. Lancer has lead the way for overcoming the many pitfalls of screen printing onto nylon with our SportPRO Athletic Inks as well, we have introduced new additives for this purpose.

We have raised the bar with color matching and digital color separations with our Colormate PRO and 1800 Series Spot Process software. As new developments occur in the screen printing industry, we also continue to add new additives, adhesives and bases to meet these demands. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our customers have the most up-to-date products and we strive to ensure that every state-of-the-art product or technique is available to them.

We are constantly breaking new ground in the textile screen printing industry. We devote countless resources to make sure that we offer the best and most innovative products. This is our main focus; second only to the needs of our customers. We didn’t invent textile screen printing inks but we do everything we can to bring new innovations to existing printing technology. Lancer Group International is excited for where the industry is heading and we plan on developing innovative new products for years to come.