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Welcome to LancerGroup.com. Please review this document for the LancerGroup.com website Terms of Access. All use and access to LancerGroup.com are governed by these terms expressed herein. By entering the Lancer Group International website (www.lancergroup.com), you acknowledge that you have read these website Terms of Access and agree to all terms expressed herein.

LancerGroup.com is owned and operated by Lancer Group International in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.


Content Disclaimer

All information provided on LancerGroup.com is subject to change without notice. Lancer Group International does make every effort to keep this website accurate, functional and helpful but due to the open nature of LancerGroup.com and the potential for errors that are associated with the storage and transmission of digital information, Lancer Group International does not warrant the accuracy, funtionality and correctness of the information obtained from this website. Due to the wide variety of differences between computer hardware, software and internet access, Lancer Group International does not warrant flawless performance for every user that visits LancerGroup.com. Lancer Group International accepts no responsibility or liabilty for potential damage caused to a users computer when visiting this website as we have no direct control over a users personal internet preferences, virus software or otherwise. As mentioned above, we accept no responsibilty or liability for poor performance of this website as we have no direct control over a users computer settings, internet access or otherwise. If problems do occur while using LancerGroup.com, contact us immediately and we will make every effort to correct the problem. For more information about optimum performance for LancerGroup.com, please review the Minimum System Requirements section of this website.

All recommendations and statements made regarding the products found on LancerGroup.com, if any, are based on the research and experience of Lancer Group International. However, they are given only for information, and no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as we can not guarantee the results of operations of which we have no direct control. No guarantee expressed or implied is made regarding its use or to the resultant end product. We accept no responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or other types of loss due to negligence or otherwise resulting from the use or handling of these products. Users of our products should perform their own tests prior to beginning production to determine suitability for their particular purposes.

We will use and disclose your information only for the purposes we have identified, or when it is required or permitted by law.


Access Rights and Use of Information

Access to LancerGroup.com is limited to viewing all internally linked web pages for the sole purpose of doing legitimate business with Lancer Group International by accessing the information provided on this website. You may not use any information contained on LancerGroup.com other than a legitimate business purpose. Any access or attempt at access to other areas of the LancerGroup.com network that has not been setup for public viewing (ie. hacking, password cracking, defacing content on LancerGroup.com, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Any person or persons found in violation of this section of the LancerGroup.com Terms of Access will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

All information contained in this website (www.lancergroup.com) is the sole property of Lancer Group International. This includes graphics, layout design, interface, HTML code, content and otherwise. Any attempt at copying or improperly downloading information (ie. copying images, code/script and content from the internally linked webpages of LancerGroup.com by a method other the standard web viewing) is strictly prohibited. Any person or persons found in violation of this Term of Access will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law according to international copyright laws. For more information on our copyright policies, see the Copyright Information Section of this website.

A user of LancerGroup.com is permitted to download images and content from our website provided the intended use is non-commercial and non-profit. This means a user may download content contained within LancerGroup.com if the intended purpose is for personal use and non-commercial use. Any person or persons found using material for commercial purposes (ie. making profit) will be deemed in violation of Lancer Group Internationals copyrights and will be held accountable. Commercial usage is reserved to our affiliates and is explained in the Copyright Information of this website.


Hypertext Links to Third-party Sites

This website (www.lancergroup.com) may be linked to one or more third-party internet websites which are not maintained by Lancer Group International. Lancer Group International is not responsible and does not assume any liability for the content of these third-party websites. Any hypertext links that do exist on LancerGroup.com does not imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of any third-party websites. LancerGroup.com disclaims any responsiibility or liability for hypertext links that go from another website to LancerGroup.com or hypertext links that go from LancerGroup.com to another website.

Lancer Group International does not warrant the accuracy of information obtained from a third-party website either linking to or linking from LancerGroup.com. We do not accept any responsibility or liabilty for inaccurate or misleading information obtained from a third-party website either linking to or linking from LancerGroup.com. If you encounter a problem with a third-party website either linking to or linking from LancerGroup.com, please contact a customer service representative from the company who owns and operates the website in question. While we do make every effort to ensure hypertext links that go from LancerGroup.com to a third-party website are accurate and up-to-date, we cannot assume responsibility or liability for inaccurate or out-of-date information transmitted from that website, as we have no direct control over the information provided on a third-party website. Any misleading or inaccurate information found on a third-party website is the responsibility of the company who owns and operates the site and any questions or concerns should be forwarded to that company and not LancerGroup.com.

Lancer Group International does assume full responsibility and liability for hypertext links that link to or link from our affiliate websites (ie. www.discoverylancer.com). Any content or information obtained from our affiliate websites is the responsibility of Lancer Group International as these websites are owned and operated by Lancer Group International. We do make every effort to ensure the information obtained from our affiliate websites are accurate, helpful, reliable or otherwise. Currently, we have one affiliate website (www.discoverylancer.com) linked internally to LancerGroup.com.

Linking to LancerGroup.com from a Third-party Website

Lancer Group International does allow hypertext links from third-party websites that direct a user to LancerGroup.com. If you would like to create a link to LancerGroup.com, you are required to inform the Lancer Group International webmaster of your intentions to link to our website.

Lancer Group International will include third-party website links if they are relevant to our business. The criteria required is that the information contained on the third-party site is related to our business but not a customer website or a website owned and operated by a Lancer competitor. We do not post links for customer websites as this would be a form of sponsorship and would be considered unfair to other customers. We do allow links to resource websites and organizations that give resources for our business. We also include links for our international Dealer websites as they are an affiliate of Lancer Group International and have special rights and privleges to advertising on LancerGroup.com.

Security Measures

Lancer Group International takes security issues related to protecting information transmitted via this website (www.lancergroup.com) very seriously. We will take reasonable security precautions to protect all such information but Lancer Group International cannot guarantee that any electronic transmission of information from LancerGroup.com is totally secure. We take no responsibilty or liability for any damage or performance loss that could possibly occur while visiting LancerGroup.com as we have no direct control over a users personal internet preferences. This includes system crashes, data loss or computer viruses. Upon entering LancerGroup.com, the user accepts the Terms of Use listed herein and agrees to access information from this site at their own risk.

Updates and Policy Changes

All content and information contained on LancerGroup.com is subject to change without notice. We update the content of LancerGroup.com on a regular basis and this is done at our own discretion. Some information on our website may cease to be accurate (ie. discontinued products) but the viewer can be assured that the out-of-date content will be updated in the near future as we typically make website updates bi-monthly however some updates can take up to 6 months to take effect. No viewer of LancerGroup.com shall dictate how Lancer Group International proceeds with our website updates as we use our own discretion when or when not to initiate a website update. We do, however, appreciate and respect feedback from our website viewers and will act on any complaint or comment made by that viewer if it is relavent to keeping LancerGroup.com accurate, reliable, correct or otherwise.

Lancer Group International reserves the right to change our policies and disclaimers listed on this website at any time without notice. A viewer can return to the Policies and Disclaimers section of our website (www.lancergroup.com) at any time and refer to the bottom of any of the associated pages to learn when the Policy was last updated.


Questions Regarding Terms of Use

Any questions or concerns about the LancerGroup.com Terms and Conditions should be directed to the Lancer Group International Customer Feedback at: Customer Feedback, Lancer Group International, 311 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3J 3C7, Telephone: 1-204-889-7422, Fax: 1-204-897-3663, Email: credit@lancergroup.com. We’ll work hard to provide an acceptable solution but if you are not satisfied, the Manager will become involved in the resolution of your problem or concern.