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Specialty Ink Systems

Unleash your creative power with Excalibur Plastisol Inks!

3551 Triumph® ColorPRO®
Single-Step Nylon Ink Color Matching System
1800 Series – Spot Process
  • Spot Process Textile Inks
  • Professional Color Separation Software
1550PF Series – SportPro Athletic Ink
Excalibur’s 1550PF Series offer printers the ultimate in opacity, bleed-resistance and durability for direct printing 100% nylon mesh type fabrics, 100% polyester and any high-stretch performance wear fabrics. SportsPro's unique formulation cures at 290 degrees Fahrenheit offering printers a cure for dye migration on most 100% polyester fabrics. For best results either a double stroke or a print/flash/print technique should be utilized. 1533PF is manufactured with the same base and pigments as the 1550PF Series. Both series offer a combined colour range of over 25 of the most popular collegiate and athletic colours.
3550PF Triumph® Single-Step Nylon Ink
Excalibur’s Triumph Series of single-step ink that represents a new generation of plastisol ink technology for direct and heat transfer printing on woven nylon and high-stretch fabrics. The Triumph® Ink Series is a single-part system meaning no hazardous chemical bonding agents are required on a vast majority of fabrics. Triumph® contains no solvents and will not air dry causing the ink to thicken or choke the screen. The Triumph® Ink Series is available in a colour-mixing system (ColorPro® 3551PF). The system includes 11 ink colours that when mixed together in suggested formulations found in the Colormate Pro® PC-based software will produce Pantone® simulations, Excalibur standard ink colours or custom colours.