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Direct Printing Inks

Unleash your creative power with Excalibur Plastisol Inks!

400PF – Low Bleed White
400LB Series is a low bleed, phthalate-free white ink formulated to have high-opacity, high-elongation and excellent bleed-resistance when direct printed onto high-stretch fabrics such as Lycra and Spandex or any of the latest 100% polyester performance-wear fabrics.
750PF Series – Stone Print
Stone Print inks are unique special effects inks that produce prints with sharp edges and rough surfaces that simulates the feel of rock or stone. Thicker stencils made from capillary films are recommended as a thicker ink deposit produces the most dramatic special effects. Series Stone Print is extremely opaque and has excellent washability. Four new colours including Sandstone, Red Rock, Slate and Fools Gold are now available. Stone Print is available in a base that when used with Excalibur plastisol pigments allows printers to produce custom colours.
PCPRO Color Matching System
Excalibur’s PCPro is an extremely accurate color mixing system that produces simulated Pantone® colours, standard Excalibur colours and custom colours using pigment concentrates and bases. Simply bring up the colour formula in the ColorPro Software, carefully measure each component in the formula utilizing a digital gram scale, mix thoroughly and start printing, it’s that easy! The most common bases used in the PCPro Color Mixing System are the 550PF and 504PF for wet-on-wet direct printing and the 1551PF to produce colours for athletic printing on 100% nylon and 100% polyester athletic uniforms. Also available are two transfer bases as well as several bases that enable you to simulate colors in special effects designs.
585PF Series – Absolute White
585PF Absolute White’s high-viscosity make it an excellent choice to produce thick ink deposits that lay on top of the garment to produce the ultimate in coverage. 585PF can be used as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white on 100% cotton and blended poly/cotton 50/50 fabrics. Even though 585PF Absolute White works well on many 50/50 poly/cotton it is not meant to be printed on fabrics without first testing for bleed-resistance of the finished print.
579PF High Opacity Bright White
579PF High-Opacity Bright White is formulated for use on automatic presses where a higher viscosity white is necessary for better coverage and more opaque, bright white prints. 579PF can be used as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white on 100% cotton garments. While it does contain marginal bleed-resistance 579PF is not meant to be printed on 50/50 poly/cotton blended garments without first testing for dye migration.
Subliscreen® Color Concentrates
Create Custom Color Matches or Tinting Used With S-1305 Mixing Base or Subliscreen Ink
820PF Series – Direct Print Puff Base & Colours
Excalibur’s 820PF Puff Ink Series is a specialty ink designed to producing stunning 3D effects in plastisol designs printed on 100% cotton fabrics. When printing on 50/50 or 100% polyester fabrics the appropriate underbase to block dye migration must be used under the 820PF colour. The height of the 3D effect can be controlled by using coarser meshes for higher effects and finer meshes for more subtle effects. The base can be mixed with Excalibur Pigment Concentrates to mix Pantone colours, Excalibur standard colours or custom colours.
Metallic Gold Powder
Create Metallic Gold Screen Printing Inks With Ease!
400PF Series
Excalibur’s 400FF Series is comprised of 12 standard colours that offer printers a high-opacity, high-elongation ink formulated to cure at a much lower temperature than traditional plastisols for direct printing on heat-sensitive fabrics that are prone to scorching and shrinking. The 451FF Series is a ready-for-use Color Mixing System consisting of 11 colors (including black and white) to mix and simulate any Pantone®, standard Excalibur colour or to create special custom colours. Formulas can be found on the ColorPro Mixing Software which is included free with the purchase of any Excalibur Color Mixing System. Both 400PF and 451PF can be used in the production of cold-peel transfers.
Glitter Flakes
Groundbreaking Textile Glitter Special Effects! Glitter Flakes Will Mix With Most Clear Bases
533 Collegiate Colours High-Opacity Inks
Excalibur’s 533PF and 550PF Series offer printers the ulitmate in opacity and printability for direct printing 100% cotton dark fabrics. For best results if printing a color by itself either a double stroke or a print/flash/print technique should be utilized. 533PF is manufactured with the same base and pigments as the 550PF Series. Available in a complete colour range of 28 standard and 8 neon colours.
551PF ColorPRO Pantone Matching System (with NEW Booster Colours)
Excalibur’s 551 PF ColorPro is a high-opacity color mixing system that produces simulated Pantone® colours, and custom shades. It consists of 11 standard ready-for-use colors and five additional components called Boosters. Booster Colours are very intense shades of Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. When added in increments between 5%-40% they will increase the brightness and color accuracy of specific colours. Most generally the colors in the 551PF mixing formulas that need boosting are any colours that do not contain white. They generally can be found in the three colours located in the center of each page in the Pantone® “C” Formula Guide. All Pantone® colour formulas contained in the ColorPro Software that will benefit in accuracy with the addition of Booster Colours are presently being updated and added to the software as they are formulated.
835PF Series – High Density Inks
Excalibur's 835PF High-Density Series is a range of very thick plastisol inks formulated to produce thick, 3-D ink films with sharp edges when printed through very thick stencils. 835PF is very opaque, has exceptional film strength that resists cracking and has a soft finish.
596PF Series – Miracle White
Miracle White and Miracle Gold are Excalbur’s answer when ultimate bleed resistance is necessary printing troublesome 100% polyester dark fabrics that are known to cause dye migration. Its creamy viscosity prints easily on both manual and automatic machines leaving an ultra-smooth surface. Miracle White and Miracle Gold contain no bleaches.