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Direct Printing Inks

Unleash your creative power with Excalibur Plastisol Inks!

595PF – High Opacity White
595PF High Opacity White is a low-cost, high-performance white ink that can be used as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white on 100% cotton fabrics. 595PF High Opacity White produces excellent results on both manual and automatic machines.
Target White
Target White is Excalibur's economical white ink that forms a perfect compromise between customer and printer allowing printers to offer a lower cost per print and still maintain profitability. Target's easy-printing, high-opacity formulation can be used on both automatic and manual presses easily covering dark, 100% cotton backgrounds. Target White’s versatility makes it a perfect choice as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white. Target White offers features and benefits that up until now have only been found in white inks carrying a much higher price tag.
825PF Series Foam Grip Base and Colours
Excalibur’s 825PF Foam Grip Series contains a base to pigment for making special colours and a ready-for use black and white ink that produce prints with a “non-slip” surface. When combined with thick stencils and screen printed with a thick ink film the ink produces prints that have a slightly raised “foam” appearance. This ink produces prints that will have a sticky, “non-slip” surface and high stretch making this an excellent ink for printing on the palms of gloves, the bottoms of socks as well as on stretchy fabrics such as lycra or spandex. The base can be mixed with Excalibur Pigment Concentrates to mix Pantone colours, Excalibur standard colours and custom colours.
Glitter Flakes
Groundbreaking Textile Glitter Special Effects! Glitter Flakes Will Mix With Most Clear Bases
500PF Series Wet-On-Wet Plastisol Inks
Excalibur’s 500PF Series is the printer’s choice for high-production, wet-on-wet direct printing on 100% cotton light colors or on top of a flashed white underbase. 500PF is available in a wide range of colors all formulated to minimize build-up on the backs of screens. One of Excalibur’s most versatile inks 500PF can be used for producing cold-peel transfers as well as being the ink series most widely used with Excalibur’s additives suede or puff additive to transform 500PF Series colors into special effects inks. The 500PF Series is available in quantities from one quart to 50 gallon drums.
533 Collegiate Colours High-Opacity Inks
Excalibur’s 533PF and 550PF Series offer printers the ulitmate in opacity and printability for direct printing 100% cotton dark fabrics. For best results if printing a color by itself either a double stroke or a print/flash/print technique should be utilized. 533PF is manufactured with the same base and pigments as the 550PF Series. Available in a complete colour range of 28 standard and 8 neon colours.
Subliscreen® Color Concentrates
Create Custom Color Matches or Tinting Used With S-1305 Mixing Base or Subliscreen Ink
820PF Series – Direct Print Puff Base & Colours
Excalibur’s 820PF Puff Ink Series is a specialty ink designed to producing stunning 3D effects in plastisol designs printed on 100% cotton fabrics. When printing on 50/50 or 100% polyester fabrics the appropriate underbase to block dye migration must be used under the 820PF colour. The height of the 3D effect can be controlled by using coarser meshes for higher effects and finer meshes for more subtle effects. The base can be mixed with Excalibur Pigment Concentrates to mix Pantone colours, Excalibur standard colours or custom colours.
525PF – Competition White
Competition White is an easy-printing, high-opacity white that can be used as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white on 100% cotton garments. Its fast-flashing characteristics and smooth surface make it an excellent choice when used as an underbase and highlight white in simulated process designs.
590PF Sabre White LB
590PF Sabre White is a completely phthalate-free, low-bleed plastisol specifically designed to prevent dye migration on cotton/poly blended fabrics including “hoodies”. Sabre White’s short body and creamy texture easily prints through meshes up to 230/in (92T) and provides excellent results when used as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white. Its smooth finish offers printers an excellent surface for overprinting colours.
Retroflec Reflective Ink
Excalibur’s Retroflec plastisol ink is a highly reflective ink for direct printing onto textiles. Light from headlights, or other light sources bounces back to it source as it reflects off the print. Retroflec can be used on a variety of fabrics including cotton, cotton/poly blends and even 100% polyester knitted fabrics. Because Retroflec’s reflectivity rating does not meet the insurance industry standards for safety clothing, it is not safety rated and should only be used for Halloween costumes and other novelty applications.
588PF Tactical White
Tactical White is completely phthalate-free and specially designed for cotton/poly blended fabrics to prevent dye migration. Tactical White’s short body and creamy texture easily prints on both manual and automatic presses through meshes up to 230/in (92T) making it a perfect choice when an economical underbase and highlight white is necessary in a simulated process print. It provides excellent results when used as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white. In all other textile applications
596PF – Miracle Gold
Miracle White and Miracle Gold are Excalbur’s answer when ultimate bleed resistance is necessary printing troublesome 100% polyester dark fabrics that are known to cause dye migration. Its creamy viscosity prints easily on both manual and automatic machines leaving an ultra-smooth surface. Miracle White and Miracle Gold contain no bleaches.
750PF Series – Stone Print
Stone Print inks are unique special effects inks that produce prints with sharp edges and rough surfaces that simulates the feel of rock or stone. Thicker stencils made from capillary films are recommended as a thicker ink deposit produces the most dramatic special effects. Series Stone Print is extremely opaque and has excellent washability. Four new colours including Sandstone, Red Rock, Slate and Fools Gold are now available. Stone Print is available in a base that when used with Excalibur plastisol pigments allows printers to produce custom colours.
566PF Rapid White
566PF Series Rapid White is Excalibur’s newest technology premium white plastisol ink for printing on 100% cotton garments. Rapid White increases production as it flashes faster than any Excalibur white ink. An optical brightener formulated into Rapid White gives finished prints an extremely bright white appearance making it a perfect choice as an underbase and highlight white in simulated process prints.. Because Rapid White contains no blowing agents, finished prints will have a smooth surface making overprint colors or stand-alone white prints look more pleasing.. Even though Rapid White shears quickly and becomes easy to print, it maintains its coverage throughout the entire ink run.
Glow-In-The-Dark Powder PF
Glow-in-the-Dark Powder when mixed into Excalibur clear bases produces a dramatic special effect where the print made with this ink will glow yellow-green in darkness or low-light situations. Light will penetrate through the clear base activating the pigment creating a bright, and long lasting glow effects when the printed garment is worn in a dark environment. Simply add 10-23% by weight and stir thoroughly. Also if mixed ink has been stored always stir ink prior to printing as pigment can settle to bottom of container. While this effect can be created in any Excalibur base, it produces the best results when using larger amounts of powder combined with a clear base and coarse meshes.