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Color Matching Systems

Unleash your creative power with Excalibur Plastisol Inks!

PCPRO Color Matching System
Excalibur’s PCPro is an extremely accurate color mixing system that produces simulated Pantone® colours, standard Excalibur colours and custom colours using pigment concentrates and bases. Simply bring up the colour formula in the ColorPro Software, carefully measure each component in the formula utilizing a digital gram scale, mix thoroughly and start printing, it’s that easy! The most common bases used in the PCPro Color Mixing System are the 550PF and 504PF for wet-on-wet direct printing and the 1551PF to produce colours for athletic printing on 100% nylon and 100% polyester athletic uniforms. Also available are two transfer bases as well as several bases that enable you to simulate colors in special effects designs.
551PF ColorPRO Pantone Matching System (with NEW Booster Colours)
Excalibur’s 551 PF ColorPro is a high-opacity color mixing system that produces simulated Pantone® colours, and custom shades. It consists of 11 standard ready-for-use colors and five additional components called Boosters. Booster Colours are very intense shades of Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. When added in increments between 5%-40% they will increase the brightness and color accuracy of specific colours. Most generally the colors in the 551PF mixing formulas that need boosting are any colours that do not contain white. They generally can be found in the three colours located in the center of each page in the Pantone® “C” Formula Guide. All Pantone® colour formulas contained in the ColorPro Software that will benefit in accuracy with the addition of Booster Colours are presently being updated and added to the software as they are formulated.