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Additives, Adhesives, Bases

Unleash your creative power with Excalibur Plastisol Inks!

LBA – Low-Bleed Additive
Excalibur Low-Bleed Additive greatly improves bleed resistance in Excalibur direct printing inks. Simply add 5% LBA to Excalibur direct printing inks by weight. Excellent results have been reported when this additive is mixed with the 533PF and 550PF Series HIgh Opacity Inks.

Always ensure any additive mixed into Excalibur plastisols is thoroughly mixed and test printed for desired effect prior to running production. Dye migration can occur up to two weeks after printing so it is imperative fabrics are tested for dye stability before running production. Because Excalibur additives have been thoroughly tested in Excalibur plastisols we cannot guarantee the same results if the Excalibur additive is mixed with a competitive brand of plastisol.
103 Fast Flash Additive
Excalibur’s 103PF Fast Flash Additive when mixed in increments of 3-5% into and Excalibur plastisol ink will reduce the time necessary to reach the flash or gel temperature of that particular ink. This additive also eliminates the after-flash tack associated with the gel surface of the ink allowing printers to immediately put the second color on top without allowing the surface to cool. This additive is particularly useful for one station manual presses.
1550PF Series – SportPro Athletic Ink
Excalibur’s 1550PF Series offer printers the ultimate in opacity, bleed-resistance and durability for direct printing 100% nylon mesh type fabrics, 100% polyester and any high-stretch performance wear fabrics. SportsPro's unique formulation cures at 290 degrees Fahrenheit offering printers a cure for dye migration on most 100% polyester fabrics. For best results either a double stroke or a print/flash/print technique should be utilized. 1533PF is manufactured with the same base and pigments as the 1550PF Series. Both series offer a combined colour range of over 25 of the most popular collegiate and athletic colours.
502PF Viscosity Reducer
502PF Viscosity Reducer is an intense product that in limited amounts greatly decreases the viscosity of the ink as well as increasing the flow characteristics making the ink clean completely from the screen. Limited amounts of 502PF Viscosity Reducer will make designs on light-colored shirts simulate the feel of a water-base print. As 502PF Viscosity Reducer is not a balanced product and can cause curing issues with any ink that it is added into, care should be taken and the following cautions explicitly followed when adding this product to any Excalibur plastisol ink!