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Additives, Adhesives, Bases

Unleash your creative power with Excalibur Plastisol Inks!

ABA – Low-Buildup Additive
Occasionally, on the bottoms of screens, inks will build-up causing printers costly down time when they have to stop the press and wipe ink from the bottoms of screens. This can happen due to shop conditions, screen tension, an ink not made to be printed wet on wet is being printed wet-on-wet or a myriad of other reasons beyond the printer and ink manufacturer's control.

If this happens, an addition of 10% by weight of Excalibur's Low-Build-Up Additive (ABA) will greatly reduce build-up and minimize down time of your press.
Superhold Powders
Excalibur hot-melt powders are heat activated adhesives that can be used for virtually any application requiring a heat applied system. When applied to transfers printed with Excalibur plastisol inks this greatly increases the washability of the product and the adhesion to garments made of synthetic fabric. All powders are available in 1.1 lb (500g) shaker can, 6.6 lb (kg) or 22 lb (10kg) containers.
400PF Series Mixing Base
The 400PF Series Mixing Base is a base that when mixed with Excalibur PF Pigment Concentrates produces an ink the yields "super elongation" or "high stretch when printed on garments or materials made of spandex, lycra or neoprene. Although not the first choice for high-stretch athletic uniforms it still produces excellent results on these fabrics. Inks produced with the 400PF Series Mixing Base will have a lower cure temperature than normal plastisols and is available in a wide range of standard colors. Consult Technical Date Sheet for 400PF Series Plastisol Inks for more information.
HGA – High Gloss Additive
An addition of 3%-5% by weight of High Gloss Additive (HGA) greatly increases the gloss level of plastisol prints in most Excalibur plastisol inks.HGA works exceptionally well when mixed with any Excalibur high-density clear or Jelly Print Clear.

Caution: High Gloss Additive is not curable by itself and adding increments higher than 3-5% by weight will cause the ink to not cure and affect the durablility of the print. Likewise, adding too much will also affect the opacity and printability of the mixed ink.

Always ensure any additive mixed into Excalibur plastisols is thoroughly mixed and test printed for desired effect prior to running production. Because Excalibur additives have been thoroughly tested in Excalibur plastisols we cannot guarantee the same results if the Excalibur additive is mixed with a competitive brand of plastisol.
PF-97 Puff Additive
Excalibur’s Puff Additive when added to any color of Excalibur’s 500PF Series of phthalate-free plastisol inks transforms the flat ink into an ink capable of producing dramatic 3D effects. Simply add 20-30%% Puff Additive by weight and mix thoroughly.
103 Fast Flash Additive
Excalibur’s 103PF Fast Flash Additive when mixed in increments of 3-5% into and Excalibur plastisol ink will reduce the time necessary to reach the flash or gel temperature of that particular ink. This additive also eliminates the after-flash tack associated with the gel surface of the ink allowing printers to immediately put the second color on top without allowing the surface to cool. This additive is particularly useful for one station manual presses.
HSA – High Stretch Additive
Excalibur’s HSA High-Stretch Additive when added in increments of 5-20% by weight to many Excalibur’s phthalate-free plastisol inks increases the stretch of designs printed on stretchy fabrics. Caution should be taken because amounts over 5% may reduce opacity and cause a shift in the colour. Do not add High-Stretch Additive to Excalibur 700PF Series Inks because the clarity of the metallic base will "cloud" and the reflectivity of the glitter and metallic particles will be greatly reduced.