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Additives, Adhesives, Bases

Unleash your creative power with Excalibur Plastisol Inks!

502PF Viscosity Reducer
502PF Viscosity Reducer is an intense product that in limited amounts greatly decreases the viscosity of the ink as well as increasing the flow characteristics making the ink clean completely from the screen. Limited amounts of 502PF Viscosity Reducer will make designs on light-colored shirts simulate the feel of a water-base print. As 502PF Viscosity Reducer is not a balanced product and can cause curing issues with any ink that it is added into, care should be taken and the following cautions explicitly followed when adding this product to any Excalibur plastisol ink!
836PF High-Density Additive
Excalibur 836PF High-Density Additive when added to any color Excalibur’s 500PF or 550PF Series of phthalate-free plastisol inks transforms the flat ink into an ink capable of producing 3D-effects when printed through thick stencils produced with capillary films. Simply add 20% 836PF by weight to desired ink and mix thoroughly.
501PF Curable Reducer
Excalibur's 501 PF Curable Reducer can be added to any Excalibur Phthalate-Free Plastisol ink to not only drop the viscosity but also help improve the flow of the ink and help the ink clean completely from the screen mesh. Even though it can be used in any quantity the following precautions should be taken when mixing 501PF Curable Reducer into Excalibur Plastisols.
X150 Nylon Bonding Agent
Printing nylon fabrics such as umbrellas or windbreakers is no longer a hassle with Excalibur's X150 Nylon Bonding Agent promotes adhesion on woven nylon fabrics such as umbrellas or nylon windbreakers. Simply add 10%-15% by weight of X150 to any Excalibur 500PF Series colour and mix thoroughly. While X150 and 500PF Series inks will adhere to many nylon fabrics, testing should be performed on the particular nylon that is being printed. X150 has a longer pot life than competitive brands of the same type product. Also, customers are not charged a "dangerous goods" surcharge by carriers because X150 is not listed on the Dangerous Goods list. The mixed ink requires no special curing procedures as it will cure at 320° Fahrenheit/160° Celsius.
845PF High Bond Printable Adhesive
845PF High Bond Adhesive is a screen printable adhesive when applications such as heat transfers, foil or flock require an adhesive with higher bonding strength than any other Excalibur printable adhesive. This adhesive provides excellent results when used as an adhesive for foil or flock applications.
400PF Series Mixing Base
The 400PF Series Mixing Base is a base that when mixed with Excalibur PF Pigment Concentrates produces an ink the yields "super elongation" or "high stretch when printed on garments or materials made of spandex, lycra or neoprene. Although not the first choice for high-stretch athletic uniforms it still produces excellent results on these fabrics. Inks produced with the 400PF Series Mixing Base will have a lower cure temperature than normal plastisols and is available in a wide range of standard colors. Consult Technical Date Sheet for 400PF Series Plastisol Inks for more information.
Superhold Powders
Excalibur hot-melt powders are heat activated adhesives that can be used for virtually any application requiring a heat applied system. When applied to transfers printed with Excalibur plastisol inks this greatly increases the washability of the product and the adhesion to garments made of synthetic fabric. All powders are available in 1.1 lb (500g) shaker can, 6.6 lb (kg) or 22 lb (10kg) containers.
906PF Hot Split Additive
Excalibur’s 906PF Hot Split Additive when mixed in increments of 25-30% into Excalibur 500PF Series colours will transform that color into an ink that can be hot-split transferred. When the paper is peeled immediately after transferring, the ink film will split putting approximately 80% of the ink film onto the shirt and leaving 20% on the paper, thus, the term hot split. A hot-split transfer is the closest application to simulate a direct print on any garment.
841PF Printable Adhesive
841PF Printable Adhesive provides excellent results and greatly increases adhesion to fabrics when printed last over the entire transfer design. It is ideal for backing puff transfers and eliminates the need for dry powders. 841PF will give transferred designs a softer hand and good elongation when garment under design is stretched.