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Additives, Adhesives, Bases

Unleash your creative power with Excalibur Plastisol Inks!

888PF Series Stretchback Transfer Adhesive
Excalibur’s 888PF Series is a single step screen printable transfer adhesive that can be used as a backing for screen printed, four color process heat transfers. Stretchback increases the opacity and allows designs to be printed on dark backgrounds. Transferred designs will now stretch and retract avoiding cracking. The image on the garment will have a very soft hand-feel.
Suede Additive
Excalibur’s Suede Additive when added to any color of Excalibur’s 500PF or 550PF Series of phthalate-free plastisol inks transforms the flat ink into an ink capable of feeling and looking like suede leather. Simply add 10-13% Suede Additive by weight and mix thoroughly.
PF-97 Puff Additive
Excalibur’s Puff Additive when added to any color of Excalibur’s 500PF Series of phthalate-free plastisol inks transforms the flat ink into an ink capable of producing dramatic 3D effects. Simply add 20-30%% Puff Additive by weight and mix thoroughly.
846PF/847PF High Stretch Adhesive
846PF Printable Adhesive is a state of the art printable adhesive that provides excellent results and greatly increases adhesion to fabrics when printed last over the entire transfer design. It is ideal for backing puff transfers, tagless labels or for increasing the durability of athletic transfers. 846PF eliminates the need for dry powders. 846PF will give transferred designs a softer hand and excellent elongation when garment under design is stretched. 847PF Printable Adhesive is a more opaque version for applications where a higher opacity print is necessary.
HGA – High Gloss Additive
An addition of 3%-5% by weight of High Gloss Additive (HGA) greatly increases the gloss level of plastisol prints in most Excalibur plastisol inks.HGA works exceptionally well when mixed with any Excalibur high-density clear or Jelly Print Clear.

Caution: High Gloss Additive is not curable by itself and adding increments higher than 3-5% by weight will cause the ink to not cure and affect the durablility of the print. Likewise, adding too much will also affect the opacity and printability of the mixed ink.

Always ensure any additive mixed into Excalibur plastisols is thoroughly mixed and test printed for desired effect prior to running production. Because Excalibur additives have been thoroughly tested in Excalibur plastisols we cannot guarantee the same results if the Excalibur additive is mixed with a competitive brand of plastisol.
EXE Thickener
Use Excalibur EXE Thickener when it is necessary to increase the viscosity of plastisol inks. For best results EXE Thickener should be added in increments of 1% by weight until desired viscosity is achieved. EXE Thickener produces excellent results when used with Excalibur 550PF or 500PF Series and HD-1 High Density Additive to increase viscosity for high-density printing applications.

Because EXE Thickener has been tested and results evaluated when mixed with Excalibur plastisol inks. Lancer Group International cannot guarantee the results if this product is used with a competitive brand of plastisol ink.
ABA – Low-Buildup Additive
Occasionally, on the bottoms of screens, inks will build-up causing printers costly down time when they have to stop the press and wipe ink from the bottoms of screens. This can happen due to shop conditions, screen tension, an ink not made to be printed wet on wet is being printed wet-on-wet or a myriad of other reasons beyond the printer and ink manufacturer's control.

If this happens, an addition of 10% by weight of Excalibur's Low-Build-Up Additive (ABA) will greatly reduce build-up and minimize down time of your press.