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Aquabond® Water Based Adhesive

Aquabond is a new water-based hot melt, screen printable adhesive that does not require messy or time consuming powders. Aquabond Adhesive is a one-part adhesive and is the best choice for doing flock heat transfers. Aquabond Adhesive can be used as an adhesive for most types of transfers and fabrics.

Screen Mesh: 30 to 110inch (10T to 44T cm). Individual tests should be conducted to determine the thickness of adhesive required for particular application.

Stencil: Water resistant direct emulsion must be used.

Drying: Aquabond Adhesive should be dried by air or through a hot air dryer. The ideal method for drying or curing Aquabond is as follows: 1) allow all the water to evaporate from the Aquabond print. 2) heat cure the dried print through a conveyor dryer at 320°F (160°C) until the Aquabond melts and forms a film.

Retarder: If ink is drying too fast in the screen and causing screen blocking, Aqualife retarder may be added to slow down the drying time. Normally up to 5% addition of Aqualife retarder will be adequate.

Cleanup: Wash with water immediately after screen printing. Mild Soap may also be used.